sexta-feira, junho 05, 2009

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xico.lf disse...

As expressões são mesmo married couple !!!

Fresquinha disse...

É a fotografia típica dos casais às mesas de pequeno-almoço nos hotéis, quando vou de férias. Vê-se logo quem é casado, quem está em lua-de-mel, quem está irremediávelmente só, etc.

Anónimo disse...

This is the story of the hare who lost his spectacles.OWL loved to rest quietly whilst no one was watching. sitting on aFence one day, he was surprised when suddenly a kangaroo ran closeBy.Now this may not seem strange, but when owl overheard kangaroo whisperTo no one in particular, ``the hare has lost his spectacles,’’ well, heBegan to wonder.Presently, the moon appeared from behind a cloud and there, lying onThe grass was hare. in the stream that flowed by the grass -- aNewt. and sitting astride a twig of a bush -- a bee.Ostensibly motionless, the hare was trembling with excitement, forWithout his spectacles he was completely helpless. where were hisSpectacles? could someone have stolen them? had he mislaid them? whatWas he to do? Bee wanted to help, and thinking he had the answer began: ``youProbably ate them thinking they were a carrot.’’``no!’’ interrupted owl, who was wise. ``i have good eye-sight, insight,And foresight. how could an intelligent hare make such a sillyMistake? ’’ but all this time, owl had been sitting on the fence,Scowling!Kangaroo were hopping mad at this sort of talk. she thought herselfFar superior in intelligence to the others. she was their leader;Their guru. she had the answer: ``hare, you must go in search of theOptician.’’But then she realized that hare was completely helpless without hisSpectacles. and so, kangaroo loudly proclaimed, ``i can’t send hare inSearch of anything!’’``you can guru, you can!’’ shouted newt. ``you can send him with owl.’’But owl had gone to sleep. newt knew too much to be stopped by soSmall a problem -- ``you can take him in your pouch.’’ but alas, hareWas much too big to fit into kangaroo’s pouch.All this time, it had been quite plain to hare that the others knewNothing about spectacles.As for all their tempting ideas, well hare didn’t care.The lost spectacles were his own affair.And after all, hare did have a spare a-pair.A-pair.