domingo, novembro 18, 2007

os 100 melhores sites de cinema na net

Funnyman Adam Sandler’s site with behind-the-scenes videos, pictures and news.

Look up nearly any actor, writer or director’s agent working in the business.
Animated bunnies reenact movies in less than thirty seconds.
A treasure trove loaded with thousands of classic films and videos to download.
Setting up your own outdoor theatre? See what others have done first.
Audio clips of interviews with famous actors, directors and writers.
Create a one-minute film, and they’ll post it for the world to see.
A cool, interactive way to learn filmmaking step by step with helpful videos and audio.
A broad collection of free documentaries to watch about worldly topics.
A clever black-and-white retro film with great ideas for brand-building.
Rare R-rated trailers, exclusive video interviews, etc. on this cool horror film destination.
Read the book that inspired the movie.
Movie blogs from all around the Web that share surprisingly up-to-date news.
Find out if an actor or actress has ever died on screen.
Reveals the inside relationships between any movie, actor, director and/or producer.
Michael Cera and Clark Duke’s hilarious spoof about breaking into Hollywood.
Enjoy full-length film classics from nearly any genre at no cost.
Hysterical animated webisodes that take shots at Hollywood, politics and pop culture.
Plan, shoot and edit digital home video with the help of this handy guide.
An interactive way to create your own animated movie scenes. list of blogs about Hollywood.
Expand your understanding of the world with documentaries on global issues.
Take a look at the latest documentaries being shown around the world.
Meet the man behind the famous movie trailer voice.
Locate any drive-in theatre nationwide.
Discuss anything and everything documentary with fellow filmmakers.
Little-known movie trivia and secret DVD features revealed.
Learn how Hollywood filmmaking really works behind the scenes.
In-depth clips from documentary filmmaker Errol Morris’ interactive site.
“Mash up” Hollywood film footage with your own footage to create a video mix.
Thousands of shooting locations from current and classic movies.
Massive collections of daily news that shouldn’t be news.
A frightening horror-thriller series from Spider-Man director Sam Raimi.
One thousand films to see before you die, plus a fun movie history quiz.
Raise your awareness about war with movies on this U.K. site.
Your inside connection to advanced movie screenings held nationwide.
Every conceivable “best of” list for film.
Boasts the largest film score audio library on the Web.
Test your brains with the never-ending movie quiz, or share your tastes on movies and actors with friends.
Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s site lets users vote on which comic videos live or “die.”
Fun four-word movie reviews.
New movie trailers in high-definition.
Everything to know about the world-famous symbol of the film business.
Animated reinvented movie endings worth a laugh.
IFC’s twisted dark comedy about the double life of a young hitman in love.
Tons of screenplays to download and read for free.
For indie filmmakers who admit they need help financing their productions.
Vote for the direction you think these stories should take.
Jolly fun videos, games and animation on Monty Python actor John Cleese’s site.
Aka the moment when any hit TV show begins the downward spiral.
One Hour Photo director Mark Romanek’s site grants access to his slick music videos and commercials.
George Lucas lets you create your own Star Wars movie with classic scenes from the films edited together with your videos.
A wide range of daily video clips about news, politics, Hollywood, etc.
Extensive list of movie slang definitions for screenwriters writing period pieces.
All the ways movie characters are knocked off.
All kinds of movies to watch for free, and many others at a small price.
Hard-to-find classic movie trailers.
The latest word on trailers, posters and other movie-marketing stories.
All the movie slip-ups that still made it to the final cut.
Movies, TV shows and cartoons in the public domain available to watch for free.
Thousands of memorable movie quotes ready for download.
Create your own online channel to share your episodic videos.
Solve the clues yourself as the detective in an interactive murder-mystery movie.
Get educated with old-school public-information films (1945-2006) from the United Kingdom.
Explore the videos pouring out from southern Asia
Who doesn’t love watching stars spout off about sex and drugs?
Documentary films and socially responsible videos in any length or language.
All the movies that actors/filmmakers didn’t get.
Listen to any movie from start to finish.
A fascinating, in-depth look at movie camera history spanning nearly 2,500 years.
Ranks the best and worst of DVD commentaries.
Tired of just reading movie reviews? This site offers plenty of cool review videos, interviews, trailers, movie clips, etc.
Make some dough if/when your posted video becomes a hit.
Warehouse crammed with free movie and television scripts to download.
Tracks down celebrities’ clothes, handbags, sunglasses – you name it – seen in movies and television.
Elizabeth: The Golden Age director Shekhar Kapur’s introspective ruminations on filmmaking and life.
Locates nearly any kind of script on the Web to download.
Turn yourself into a Simpsons animated character.
A home for obscure, bottom-of-the-barrel movies from the 1930s-1970s.
Cast members from the original Star Trek films and television series reunite for this online exclusive.
Useful tools and connections for the aspiring screenwriter.
An indie radio station that plays movie and television music 24/7.
The coolest opening title sequences.
Explore the seemingly endless supply of movie clips, trailers, production stills and documents in the Turner Classic Movie database.
An exhaustive glossary of film and screenwriting terminology.
“Welcome to the real world” of factory farming in this hysterical (and informative) take on The Matrix films.
The history of the world as the movies would have it.
One-minute films from around the world.
For all your movie popcorn needs.
Helpful resource about the greatest film directors, past and present.
Mocks the news with ridiculously funny video clips.
Fonts made famous by movies, TV shows and bands.
A wealth of full-length avant-garde films to view at your leisure.
Indulge in the golden age of animation with Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes and plenty of other famous cartoons.
Logs the release dates of new and upcoming DVDs.
Free Internet television with numerous channels from around the world.
Share your videos online with only those you choose.
A bundle of classic movies, cartoons, short films and commercials for your viewing pleasure.
Share an entire series about your life on this site.
Live television with more than fifty European channels – and soon you won’t have to be located in that particular country for it to work.

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Dr. Estagiário disse...

Acho que aqui está a faltar O melhor site de cinemas na internet (não, não é o meu blog :D)... é o

Onde basicamente existe quase todos os filmes...até os portugueses.

fresquinha disse...

Só falei daqueles que ainda não conheces ...:-)))É mau ?

Anónimo disse...

Boa resposta fresquinha! Boa idéia fazer esta lista! hehhehhehe