sábado, novembro 10, 2007

licor de tabaco

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Perique is 31% alcohol (62 proof), made entirely from the distillation of the rare tobacco in a wine-based spirit plus sugar, and interestingly the process leaves the resulting spirit completely free of nicotine (which would have been a headache for this product on a number of levels).
« ... smooth, complex, fruity, spicy, not too sweet, not cloying at all, with elements of wood and leather, more like one of the more complex whisky-based / spice liqueurs only drier. Unless you were familiar with the type of tobacco it's made from you'd almost never know it was made from tobacco at all. I almost hate to mix this stuff, but I can't help but wonder what a half-ounce of this would taste like in certain cocktails. I think I'm going to order another couple of bottles of Perique and find out.
We broke out the bottle at our absinthe tasting last Sunday, and I passed around a sample. Everyone loved it, and noted flavors ranging from pear to allspice. Everyone was pleasantly surprised when it was revealed it was a tobacco liqueur.»

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